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Damn, being a mom is hard.  Like, REALLY hard.  Don't get me wrong, motherhood is the most rewarding challenge I've ever come up against.  But as we know, kids don't come with an owner's manual!  No matter how many books I read, snippets of advice I heard (solicited or otherwise), or support from family and friends I received, no one ever told me how to rely upon myself in those difficult moments. 

I believe that many women tend to naturally rely on themselves, but when you have another human to take care of, suddenly figuring things out becomes so much more difficult!  So many moms realize they'd been simply going through the motions, not actively participating in life's insanely amazing moments.  Then there is a fleeting moment of clarity, where she wishes upon a star for more - more balance, more confidence, more joy.

Does this sound like you?  Are you ready to feel both well and guided as a mom?  If so... well mama, you're in the right place!


Aligning the Stars

With little time for yourself, you want to make sure this is the right fit before investing.  Are you ready to shine like a star?!


Becoming Well & Guided

Ready to realign with yourself & navigate towards positive habits?  Read more about the different options available.


About Nicole Martin

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"Not until we are lost, do we begin to understand ourselves"

              ~Henry David Thoreau


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In addition to my independent practice, I also work as a coach for the following companies:


Wellness Lab

Wellness Lab is located in Hoboken, NJ and aims to support an active, holistic-minded community. Services include massage & bodywork, yoga, Ayurveda health counseling, and life coaching.